Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Winter wonderland

We woke up this morning to a decent (by Vancouver standards) amount of snowfall. It's now lunch time and it's still going strong out here! At this very moment there is a semi-truck backsliding down 88th and no one can get past him. Conditions aren't so good out there. Stay safe everyone!

I took Noah outside at 8:30 am because I wasn't sure how long it'd be til it turned to rain. He hasn't ever played out in the snow and it seemed he was not all that interested today either. He simply walked around our complex pointing to things and listening to the crunch of the snow under his boots. He refuses to wear gloves and so after one touch of the fluffy cold stuff he didn't try it again. But he was still upset when I took him in half an hour later, red cheeked and damp.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at my mommas making the traditional chocolate peanut butter balls. She puts    
cherries in hers where as I prefer them plain. Next year we are considering buying some kind of mold and trying to make them into cups. The dipping can be so challenging otherwise!

As far as pregnancy goes, I am starting to feel large. I know I'm not that huge, but I think I am significantly bigger then I was with my first at this point which makes me feel slightly self conscience. I think it's because baby is poking more outward this time around instead of lower. And the hunger has finally kicked into full gear. I feel like I am snacking all day long and I've actually gained a few pounds now. With Noah I wasn't a gradual gainer, I would suddenly gain four pounds in two weeks and then nothing for the next month. This seems to be happening again. It's not a bad thing but it always concerns me that I'll gain too much and be stuck with a lot of weight to loose after baby is born. I came out of the hospital with only four extra pounds on me last time and I'm hoping It'll be similar this time if I'm lucky.

Other then that not much going on here. Business as usual with an active toddler. Only 2.5 more days until Matt is on Christmas break for eleven days and I am so looking forward to that!

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