Wednesday, 12 December 2012


this picture makes me look bigger then I really am because its so close up haha.

Gotta say, I'm starting to get pretty eager to find out wether baby number 2 is a boy or a girl. I don't buy anything until I know gender and I'm starting to get that excitment in me of wanting to look at newborn outfits, bedding and decor. I would also like to identify baby by their name, which we have picked out for either gender. I'mt not really into inside the tummy nicknames.

I know many like a surprise about everything, and that's great for them, but for me knowing Noah was a boy and giving him his name really helped me bond with him when he was still inside. I don't feel as though it robbed my joy on delivery day in the slightest. Seeing him for the first time was excitment and surprise enough.

I keep going back and forth wether I think we are having a boy or girl. I mean, there really is no way to know until the ultrasound. All the old wives tales with my last pregnancy said I was having a girl, and I even thought I was having a girl. So I haven't given them a thought at all this time around. The only reason I am suspicious this time is because of how different my pregnancy has been. Nausea came on way earlier, way stronger and still shows up randomly now and then. I'm experiencing low blood pressure, which I find odd because with my first pregnancy it was perfect the entire time. Cravings wise I haven't really had any, though last time all I wanted to eat was fruits and veggies. Oh and I've really been struggling with dairy this time around. Oh and this may sound weird, but I think my belly is 'pointier' this time. I carried very low with Noah and this one seems a bit higher up. Could be just a second pregnancy thing. I need to go back and look at pictures to compare.

Who knows. I will be perfectly happy with either. A little brother for Noah would be awesome and so fun. To be honest we'd almost like a boy again and then have a girl the next time. But a girl would be wonderful because then I'm guranteed one of each haha. So whatever God thinks is best is okay with me!

Gender ultrasound is scheduled for the 5th of January. Lets hope baby isn't feeling shy that day.


  1. I just had my ultrasound and if we had wanted to find out, the technician would have had quite the time trying to get the picture. Apparently baby was sitting on my cervix so getting the angle would have been difficult. Hopefully your baby is better behaved ;)

    1. Ali congrats!! I didn't know you were expecting again!

      The ultrasound on the 5th is a paid for 3D - so if we don't get gender that day they just reschedule :)