Friday, 21 December 2012

Ultrasound nervousness

Does anyone else get nervous when it's time for their ultrasounds during pregnancy or is it just me? Most people seem to get really excited and so look forward to it. I guess I'm just a worrier, but I get a similar feeling to that of when they check for the heart beat for the first time. What if something is wrong?

I have my 3D ultrasound scheduled for January 5th to find out gender but for some reason I couldn't get my medical one scheduled until the 21st of January and ill be almost 24 weeks at that point. That's over a month later then when I had one with my first pregnancy.

I had a negative experience during my medical ultrasound with Noah. The tech wasn't friendly in the slightest and barely acknowledged my existence to the point where I left the appointment close to tears thinking something was horribly wrong. Everything turned out to be fine and thankfully Matt managed to get me an 'emergency' 3D for the same day to calm my fears. What a difference! They took the time to explain everything, get pictures for us and even smiled the whole time! Yeah we had to pay but it was well worth it.

I told my doctor I didn't want to go back to the other ultrasound clinic because of what happened and this time they managed to get me into Jimmy Pattison which I've heard nothing but good reviews for. And our 3D is booked for the same place as last time. Hopefully both go well :)

For now I just have to trust God that everything is going well with the little baby I side and remember that He has a plan for all. The frequent pokes and jabs baby is giving me is a reassuring reminder.

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  1. Was that in Langley? They got me in there faster than Abbotsford. Too bad about the first experience. I know they really don't say much at all for the first 10 minutes or so since they are busy getting the images to send to the radiologist. After that, the technicians have just pointed out some obvious features and then sent us on our way. Keep in mind that whatever is going on with the baby, good or bad, is exactly what God has planned for your family. He is making the perfect child for YOU and for you to be that child's mommy!!!