Friday, 7 December 2012

Week 16

So I'm 16 weeks pregnant now (or in my 17th week of pregnancy.) This past week has been a bit of a busy one as my in laws have been here visiting.

Tuesday evening we went downtown for Bright Nights at Stanley Park to take a ride on the Christmas train. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot and Noah saw the lights he began saying, 'ho ho ho!' We laughed because his facial expressions were very similar to last year when he went at barely 4 months old. Not necessarily smiling, just in awe of what he saw.

Wednesday we did lots of running around and we ended up having Noah out of the house pretty much all day. We learnt our lesson... Never again. He is a very laid back kid but he had three full meltdowns that day, one in the middle of Costco. Not fun for momma. I also don't think he's just use to all this attention and socialisation 24/7 and he had just had it. We're trying to keep our schedule much more laid back now and give him more quiet down time while company is here. So far it seems to be working.

Yesterday I had my 16 weeks check up at the doctor. My mother in law went with me and we got to hear babies heartbeat for the first time! So exciting and so reassuring to know that there is indeed a little child growing inside me. I ended up taking the doctor a while to find the heartbeat which made me a little nervous, but very quickly we were getting kicks so we knew baby was in there somewhere. My doctor commented that I had a very active baby for 16 weeks, but Noah was the exact same way. I am actually feeling those little jabs now too, mostly after I eat, which is always fun. Only negative thing we found out is that I have low blood pressure right now. It explains why I almost passed out a few days ago and why I am feeling so tired. This isn't something I experienced with Noah so we'll be keeping a close eye on it.

Tonight we will be having a family dinner at the Olive Garden, our favourite restaurant. And tomorrow we will be having a 'Bechard' Christmas with gifts and special meals! Should be fun!

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