Thursday, 18 October 2012

Told you today would be better!

A positive attitude really does help. Well, that and a good 9 hours of sleep.

Noah woke up this morning in a much better mood. In fact, he showered me with kisses the moment he saw me. Perhaps it was his way of apologising for some of the less then favourable things he did yesterday.

He ate his cheerios and banana happily as he laughed and smiled at his Grandmaman on the other end of the Ipad. He played with his blocks, books and puzzles while I straightened my hair. And then he chatted loudly to himself all the way to Costco and back.

He is now having a very late nap upstairs while I try to work on a few things here on the computer and sip After Eight hot chocolate. Matt is once again working late tonight, but the weekend is almost here and that will hopefully include lots of family time!

Speaking of family time... Rain, as much as I love you, could you possibly slow it down a little so that we can have our family photos taken Saturday morning? Pretty please?

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

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