Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Coming home

We're back! We had a roughy couple of days but we are thankful to be in our home safe and sound.

On Friday night while still in Hawaii Noah developed a fever. The next day he wouldn't eat, play and just laid around crying. Tylenol wasn't doing anything so towards the end of the day we figured we better get him checked out by a doctor, since we were due to fly home the next day. Thankfully my hubby has great medical coverage abroad and we were told everything we needed to do would be covered.
The doctor was concerned that he was developing some kind of infection and prescribed antibiotics. Normally I'm weary of putting my child on them without a 100% need but we decided to ere on the side of caution because of our next day flight. We were told flying with an ear infection was not a good idea!

The meds seemed to be working and although Noah was still cranky and out of sorts he was at least eating and playing a bit. The sucky thing was that we had to be out of our hotel room by 1130am and our flight didn't leave until midnight. So we had a sick tired baby with nowhere to sleep all day.

There was a nice lounge in our hotel for guests to use during departure/arrival day complete with a kids playroom, tvs and Internet, but still no where for our little guy to sleep. Matt manage to get home to pass out in his arms once or twice but without a bed to sleep in he quickly woke up.

Thankfully we were once again given a seat on our flight just for Noah and he passed out in his car seat before we even taxied onto the runway. It was after midnight at this point! He slept for about 3.5 hours out of the 5.5 hour flight, with me holding him for about an hour and a half of that. He did cry a few times but over all I think he did really well considering the circumstances! For the last 45 minutes of the flight he just stared out the window pointing and talking. When we had a rough landing I expected him to start crying, but instead he smiled and giggled as if to say,"that was fun!" Have I mentioned he loves planes?

We arrived home around 1000am yesterday and all crashed in our beds for about four hours. We're still tired today and can honestly say we have no desire to go on a long plane ride anytime in the next few years!!!

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