Monday, 22 October 2012

There is just no hiding it...

Doesn't Noah looked thrilled?

It's true! Our family of three is expanding (as am I...) to a family of four! I am currently in my 10th week and due with baby #2 towards the end of May. Originally I planned on saving the official announcement until I was into my second trimester, but I am majorly showing already and well, theres just no hiding it.

This is also my way of explaining my absence lately at various activities. Although I was super nauseous with Noah, this time around it seems to come in intense waves which have included a whole lot more vomiting. On several occasions I have barricaded Noah on the main floor of our house so that I can lay on the couch and move as little as possible. Moving and nausea so don't mix. Mommas of multiple children - how do you do it!? So hard chasing a toddler around all day when all you want to do is sleep.

Obviously we are very excited about adding another member to our family but I definitely find that it feels different then when I was pregnant with Noah. Everything was so new and unexpected last time and this time around I feel a lot more prepared for everything. I am only just now starting to think about the actual idea of another baby being here. As a general rule I don't buy anything until out of my first trimester, but my momma bought baby his/her first couple outfits yesterday and that brought some realisation to Matt and I.
Yes, we will absolutely be aiming to find out what we are having again. And yes, we already have names picked out for either gender.

I'm excited to blog about all this again, as my last pregnancy was why I originally started this blog! And I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions of you mommas who already have two or three kids! Please keep our family in your prayers :)

PS - For those of you familiar with my church circle, this makes four babies due at Newton Christian Assembly within six months. And two of us are due only four days apart. Yeah, things are going to get loud...

PPS - if you've got a minute feel free to take a little guess in our baby pool!
Some notes before you guess:
- I'm craving sweet and salty
- I'm already showing
- My due date is May 25th
- I was 10 days late with Noah and he weighed 9 pounds


  1. Great news Carolyn and Mathieu! Congratulations to you!

  2. Congratulations!!! :) -Emily Klein

  3. I'm not gonna lie...I was kind of expecting you to announce this but it wasn't because I've seen you, it was because you've mentioned several times lately that you've been REALLY tired. Classic. Congratulations!! I'll say baby girl and 4 days after your due date. And to be nice, I'm guessing 8lb 3oz. You're going to buck the 'second and third babies are usually bigger trend'!!