Monday, 21 November 2011

The tale of the cursed onsie

One day Nana bought Noah a onsie. A wonderful onsie. A wintery onsie. It was green and had a cute little penguin on the front. It was so adorable that his mummy decided to put it on him the very next day.

Mummy and Daddy stared at him with such pride that first morning. He gazed at himself in the mirror smiling and smirking until he got bored of looking at himself. Mummy decided to take him downstairs to have her breakfast. But just as she poured her coffee, "BUUUUURP!" Noah spit up all over it. Back upstairs they went to take off the wonderful wintery onsie.

After the onsie went through the wash, mummy decided to put it on him again as he really hadnt had a chance to wear it. Before they were to head out for the day, Noah needed a little snack. While he was snacking, mummy heard a mighty rumble. This time, it wasnt coming from his mouth. Uh oh - Noahs onsie was soiled right through (as were mummies pants...) Back into the wash it went that wonderful wintery onsie.

A few days later, Daddy said to Mummy, "Lets try to put on his wonderful wintery onsie again! He hasnt had a chance to wear it and it is oh so adorable!"  So on the onsie went. This time, the onsie made it through part of the morning. Mummy was shocked and so happy that she took out the camera and snapped a few pictures. But alas... it was not meant to be. The wonderful wintery onsie was wet through and through and had to be thrown back into the wash.

Poor onsie... I guess it just wasnt meant to be.

** story based on actual events **

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