Monday, 21 November 2011

3 month old Noah

Noah is now over three months old. Wow, that went by fast! Here are a few Noah facts (mostly for my dear mother in law who lives far away and doesnt get to see her little munchkin as much as she'd like)

He generally wakes up twice a night to nurse. I know this doesn't necessarily qualify as 'sleeping through the night' but I think its awesome! Sure beats what I was getting before.

He weighs 13.5 pounds!

He has the cutest giggle. He thinks it's funny when you pull his shirt over his head. At first we thought it was just because he's ticklish, but the other day I hadn't even touched him yet and he started laughing.

He's rolling over from back to belly. He gets himself into the oddest positions, especially at night. He prefers to sleep and play on his side.

He fully holds his head up without support and can turn it from side to side without wobbling.

He has begun to pull himself up into a sitting position. Crazy right? This kids got insane stomach muscles. He pretty much refuses to lean against anyone or anything.

He's begun teething - and it sucks.

He is very laid back. He's been sick for several days now and instead of screaming and crying, he just cuddles up with Matt or I.

He loves to look in the mirror and smile.

He loves bath time. He kicks his legs up and down sending water splashing all over his face and us. Pretty sure we've got a water baby on our hands.

He can grab things and hold onto them. He can also put them into his mouth. He puts everything in his mouth these days.

He loves his family. Right now his two favorite people are his Grandpa and his Uncle Mike. We figure it's the mustaches...

My poor sick baby in his Bumbo

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