Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saying GOODBYE to 'the swaddle'

We have had quite the journey with swaddling. Up until Noah was a month old, he refused to be swaddled. He cried and cried whenever we tried it with him. Plus, we were told its not always a good idea as it can hinder their natural reflexes. But we had an issue with him constantly rubbing his face during the night and waking himself up.

Suddenly, around 2 months old, he began to like being swaddled. If he was tired and fussing, he would calm down the moment we swaddled him. He also began sleeping much better at night. It was wonderful!

Now here we are at 3 months old and Noah is too strong for the swaddle. For the past week he has been breaking out of it and weve spent a majority of our night redoing it so that he (and we) could go back to sleep. He is a strong kicker and has also been rolling over onto his sides while he sleeps. Ive done alot of reading and its suggested that once they break free, its time to stop.

On the advice of a few friends, we went out and purchased a 'sleep sack' today. So far so good. He has slept for 3 naps now unswaddled. We will see how it goes tonight...


  1. hope little noah has a great sleep tonight! <3

  2. Hey Carolyn, just found your blog via someone elses....what a cute little fella you have there!congratulations. My "little" was swaddled till she was 7 months...and she was quite the Houdini! Glad I found you here. -Kim (formerly Epp)