Monday, 30 January 2012

Things I miss eating

I'm going to sound like a crazy woman here... But I have now had a week to think and dream about the foods that I will once again be able to eat after I recover from my gallbladder surgery. It has been a week of soup, plain cheerios and steamed sole. I can't wait to have real food again! Matt and I decided that we are going to try and be more health conscience with what we eat on a daily basis, but after these annoying couple of months and some crazy weight loss, I think I deserve some tasty things!

I was going to post pictures of each of the items I am looking forward too, but that would be way too hard on me.

1. Home made macaroni and cheese Sadly, cheese is one of the last things that I am suppose to introduce.

2. Brownies and ice-cream

3. Caesar salad and chicken

4. Steak and baked potato

5. Spaghetti

I can't wait!!!

1 comment:

  1. mmm! they all sound delicious :D if you guys come & visit, i'll make them all :D