Friday, 3 February 2012


Wednesday I had my gallbladder removed. I was really nervous about going under general anesthetic but I had a wonderful Dr. who calmed me down and promised me that I would not wake up. After being wheeled into the operating room and chatting with the nurses for about 2 minutes I was put under. The last thing I remember saying is, "this stuff works fast!" I was out before they even put the gas mask on me.

For those who dont know how, my surgery was laproscopic. Its where they make three small incisions throughout the abdomen and one larger incision in the belly button. Then they fill you up with tons of gas to inflate the abdomen.

When I woke up I was in alot of pain, mostly from the gas. It has travelled up into my shoulders and neck as well as filling up my whole chest. They gave me morphine quickly and I only felt pain when I moved. They made me walk to the bathroom and back 3 hours after and I started passing out. They said that was normal and still had me sent home half an hour later. I was surprised how quickly they try to discharge people as I was really not feeling good.

I actually felt okay for the rest of the day, but the following day (yesterday) was the WORSt! I woke up and couldn't move because I was so nauseated, so dizzy and in so much pain. It felt very similar to being in the transition part of labor. Brutal! That took about 3 hours to pass but the pain and nausea never went away. The only thing I could eat was one Popsicle and a little bit of broth.

Today I am feeling pain mostly where my incisions are aswell as where my gallbladder was. Im sure everything in theres bruised and has been jostled around from all the cutting and stitching that has been done. To be honest, I didn't think it would hurt this much. I'm glad I had it done but the recovery is not easy. I was told the pain should start subsiding about a week from now and I am only on day 3. Should be feeling much better by week 3. I'm sure
having the surgery done laproscopically makes it easier, but it's still abdominal surgery and it is still very painful.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated :)

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  1. Glad the surgery's over, Carolyn. Praying that you'll be feeling back to normal real soon! Hugs.