Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Noah at 5 months

My little man turned 5 months old this past Sunday. I cannot believe that it has almost been half a year since he was born. It feels like only a few weeks ago! A family member said to me a little while ago that once you have kids you have a physical reminder of how fast time flies. How true that is!

Here are some 5 month facts about my little love.

* He has started sitting up on his own. As long as he is sitting straight or leaning forward hes fine. But if he tries to reach to his side he will topple over.

* He hates rice cereal. He loved it the first time we gave it to him, but hes gagged everytime since. May have to skip it and go straight to fruits and veggies.

* He likes to sleep (at night) He passes out just after 6pm every evening and stays in bed until 7:00am. Usually I will feed him around 300am - which is fine because thats still 9 hours straight. But Sunday night he actually slept right through without waking at all. It was AMAZING.

* He is not a big napper. He maybe sleeps for 2 hours in total during the day.

* Lately he has developed a frustration 'grunt' and its rather annoying. If I take too long to pick him up or take a certain book he will let me know he is upset.

* Hes not a huge cuddler. He likes to be held but as far as actual snuggles go, it only happens when hes tired. Otherwise he wants to be facing outward where he can see the world.

* He loves to not wear pants. If hes a little cranky I find stripping off his pants and letting him roll around on the ground while he tries to eat his toes is always a mood changer.

* He has got the sweetest laugh. I think its pretty much my favorite sound in the whole world.

Its hard to believe that in only another few months he could be crawling and starting to say things like 'mama' and 'dada.' Its even harder to believe that in 6 months or so, he could be walking. I just cant wrap my brain around that. Hes growing up so fast!


  1. Noah's adorable! Love his little giggles and big brown eyes! They grow up too fast, hey? Enjoy every minute. And Happy Birthday to you, Carolyn!