Thursday, 5 January 2012

Infections and ultrasounds

Thankfully our house has so far avoided the stomach flu this season, but we have had a cold going back and forth between various members. I had a cold weeks ago and this morning I started experiencing pain and tightness in my chest. I went to the doctor since I needed a follow up appointment about my ulcer anyway, but left with antiobiotics for bronchitis. Its gotten worse even since I arrived home (maybe due to walking to and from the office) and I am eager to get my prescription filled so this pain goes away. Ive had it twice before and it is never a pleasant experience. Should be interesting while Im taking care of a 5 month old.

I am also being sent for an ultrasound to check my gallbladder. The pain in my abdomen has gone away on the ulcer medication but I am still getting some pain around my back. We just want the gallbladder thing ruled out because I do not want anymore of those attacks.

Hopefully Noah will let me lay low today. He was a very good boy at the doctors office. I was informed that I have the most laid back happy baby in the world. He obviously hasnt seen Noah around 500pm!

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  1. ahhh i so agree! 5pm is the WORST time of day! sam turns into a whiny, unhappy little bum. happily, bath & bedtime soon change that ;)