Monday, 16 January 2012


Welcome to the latest edition of Carolyn visits the hospital! This time, we've finally got answers (and proof with an ultrasound!)

I had another attack yesterday morning around 530am and went to the hospital via ambulance. At least I was able to get sleep during the night before spending hours at emerg! Once again, the only way to take the pain away was to get one very strong shot of morphine. This time they scheduled me straight away for an ultrasound and they found multiple gallstones (thank you pregnancy...) Since I have more then one and because I have now had 3 attacks, I will be getting surgery to have it removed. Unfortunately the wait time can be long, but they are hoping to have it done in the next two months or so. I cannot wait to have it gone and not have to worry about experiencing that pain anymore.

In the meantime, they sent me home with some very strong morphine and a prescription for more. That way if I have another attack I won't need to go to the hospital (just need to make sure someone else is around to take care of Noah) I need to cut out fast food (bye bye yummy pizza...) and other greasy high fat foods, which is fine cause it goes along with my new years resolution of getting healthy.

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  1. Both of my pregnancies caused gallstones, and after my youngest it was to the point where I was having attacks when I drank water, sometimes lasting 12-14 hours. It was horrible. Having it removed was scary, but amazing, and the recovery was so quick. I hope you can have it out soon! Good luck.