Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Surgery date.

Its official - I am going in for surgery one week from today. Eeeek!

I met with the surgeon yesterday (who had a very thick Russian accent that made me think of Gru from Despicable me) and he told me that my gallbladder is in bad shape and needs to come out ASAP! Apperently my attacks have been so severe that im developing scar tissue each time which makes it harder to operate on. I knew they hurt for a reason! He wants to get it out before I have another attack or else it may complicate my surgery.

The plan is for them to go in laproscopically. They will poke 4 tiny holes in my abdomen and pull the gallbladder out through my belly button. So weird. If things are messier in there then anticipated then they will have to go in the traditional way of cutting me open to minimize the risks to me. Please pray that doesnt need to happen as the recovery time would be substantially longer and harder.

I must admit that I am pretty nervous about this. I have never had surgery in my life and the idea of being under general anesthesia is kind of freaking me out. More then likely because I watched a movie with Matt a few years called "Awake." . Big mistake - what was I thinking.

Anyways, I'm sure everything will be just fine and my worry will be for nothing. In the meantime I am not allowed to eat anything with fat and have to stick mostly to liquids. Needless to say, I am pretty hungry and will probably be rather grumpy in a matter of days. My apologies in advance haha.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated in the meantime :)

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