Sunday, 31 July 2011


So I had (as the nurse at the hospital calls it) 'early labour' for the THIRD time today. I am not talking braxton hicks here ... which is where your belly practices tightening and releasing (and doesnt hurt may I add.)I woke up at 2am having contractions that lasted until 830 this morning and were 5 minutes apart. It was mostly concentrated in my back and down my legs and it was definitely at the point where it was getting quite painful. I was laying in bed PRAYING that the pain would get even more intense so that I could head to the hospital and get things going. So not normal - how often do you actually pray for your pain to get worse? Because I am not due until next weekend, the nurse told me to take a warm bath to see if that would stop the contractions. If he was really determined to make his entrance today, nothing I did was going to stop him from coming she said. So I took my bath and they kept going while I was in there, but once I was out the contractions got much further apart and eventually stopped. The nurse told me how even if they do stall out thats its all good because the contractions are just getting his head into a better position. I dont see how he can possibly get into a better position then he already is without coming out!?

*sigh* Frustrating! I know that he is coming on Gods time and that His time will be perfect; but its frustrating thinking that you could possibly be done TODAY and having it stall out. It also doesnt help that every doctor I see seems to think I am doing to deliever early and so far, that hasnt played out. Next time Im just going to assume I will go late - I think that'll be easier on my brain.

And so... here I am in week 39... walking like I just got off a horse and having to get my husband to do more than ever. I am so thankful to have a man who is so understanding and supportive of every ache, pain and emotion I go through. Today he even gave me something (the William & Katie official wedding teacup) that he had special ordered from England as a "im proud of you" gift!

I am very blessed.

So this is what position our little guy is in right now - except that he is actually at '0' station (another 2 lines lower!) Ouchie.

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