Friday, 29 July 2011

39 Weeks.

Today marks 39 weeks pregnant. It makes my family doctors guess of me going into labour within the last two weeks officially wrong haha. Just goes to show, only God knows when this little guy is going to show up!

Ive been in 'early labour' twice now. First time, at 37 weeks, they believe it caused the baby to drop. Second time, which was on Sunday and lasted for over 8 hours with contractions 6 minutes apart, is probably when his head fully engaged.

I had my weekly appointment yesterday and had the most wonderful doctor at the prenatal clinic. Im seriously hoping I go into labour when she is on call because I would love her to do the delievery. She was really friendly,  funny and did such a thorough checkup. She offered to do an internal for me so I could find out exactly where I was at which I really appreciated. She could actually feel his head - thats how low he was! Totally explains why I havent been able to walk well or put my knees together for days now. Its crazy to me to think that she was actually touching him though! She said if he hasnt shown up by next week Wednesday she will do a membrane sweep to get things moving along for me. Both baby and I are healthy and she estimates that hes about 8 pounds now (YIKES!) She predicts he wont be here in the next day or two, but I am apperently doing very well for where I am at and shes thinking it'll be next week sometime.

Hopefully he does decide to come this next week... otherwise I am getting dangerously close to my friends wedding on the 13th of August (which I am suppose to be a bridesmaid for) Obviously, the most important thing is the health of our little guy and whatever happens happens - but it would be sad if I couldnt be a part of my long time friends special day.

38 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Its amazing how much the human body can stretch!

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  1. Any day now!! Soo exciting!! Sounds like he's going to be here sooner rather than later. Hmm I am going to make a prediction... August 2nd at 4:05 PM ;)