Friday, 5 August 2011

Okay baby, time to be born.

I know I have brought this on myself. I should have listened to all of you who said I shouldnt expect to have this baby before my due date. It sure would have made things easier. Lesson learned! But in my defense, its hard to hear from all of my doctors that I will go early only to have it not happen.

Tomorrow is my due date. Im actually feeling pretty good considering I am almost 40 weeks pregnant. Matt and I have been going out for 30 minutes walks each evening and I have been really enjoying them. They hurt, but it feels good to get some fresh air and excercise. My energy levels are pretty good considering where I am at and apart from having to back into the car to sit I feel fairly mobile and comfortable. Its almost like my body has just accepted that I will be pregnant forever and this is just the way it is. My brain says otherwise of course.

I have definitely made alot of progress over the past couple of days which is encouraging. At my doctors appointment on Wednesday I was dialated enough to have a membrane sweep done which I was very happy about. For those of you who dont know what that is, its where the doctor thins out your water and it can help to induce labour. At the risk of being too graphic can we just say that I lost the things that needed to be lost in order for labour to get going? I know all you mothers out there know what I am talking about haha. I also had contractions this morning from 130am - 830am that were coming every 3 minutes. Thats actually really close together, but since I wasnt in major pain I just waited for it to intensify or stall out before doing anything. Sure enough... baby decided he wasnt going to go with the flow and they stopped. Its crazy to me that his head can be so low and that I can have contractions for so long AND already be dialated and not go into active labour. For whatever reason he has decided that he is quite comfortable in my belly. He must know something I dont.

I have my final doctors appointment next Wednesday (if I make it to that... fingers crossed I dont) If I am still pregnant I will also be getting an ultrasound done to monitor fluid levels, babies size, etc. to set up an induction date. I could be induced anywhere from 7-12 days after my due date, so we are looking at anywhere from August 13-18. Seems like really far away, but I guess in reality it means I wont be pregnant for more then 13 days from now. That sure puts things in perspective!

Wow, weve come a long way people! Thanks for the support! Oh boy... is our life about to change in the next two weeks!

Was this really 10 months ago??

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