Friday, 22 July 2011

"Your baby is fully mature"

If you say that in a thick Chinese accent it becomes quite a funny line. Those were the words given to me by my prenatal Doctor at my check up yesterday and I enjoyed mimicking her for the rest of the day for a good laugh. Noah is still doing 'perfectly' and believed to be meausuring somewhere in the 7 pound mark.

Unfortunitly though, my prelabour seems to have stalled out for the time being. No contractions in the past 2 days or so. If I had known that what I was going through last week was early labour I would have tried to keep my contractions going somehow. Silly me - I was trying to stop whatever was going on! Now I am hoping to be one of those lucky woman whose water breaks so you know that its the real deal and that there is no going back. Wishful thinking?

Today marks the beginning of week 38 and I am feeling pretty good other then alot of pressure on my pelvis and a sore back. I actually had the energy over the past couple days to get some housework done, do some baking and wash and freeze ALOT of raspberries. Mmm I love fruit. At this point I am trying to not to think too much about when I will go into labour because it just drives me crazy. Hes going to be here in the next 3 weeks so it really isnt far away no matter when he comes. Its pretty bizarre to be looking at my calendar and thinking, "Hmm... we could potentially be taking the baby to that function!" Strange.

People are starting to give me prediction about when he will show up. My guess is (and has been for a while) July 29th. Thats a week from today. I think thatd be good.

37 Weeks & 5 Days

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  1. Looking good Carolyn! Glad you're able to do things around the house... it'll help the time go by faster. And you must let me know if Mister Noah decides to make his debut on July 29... that is also Miss Kayleigh's birthday! Wouldn't that be neat?