Monday, 11 July 2011


As far back as I can remember my family has always camped. Up until I was about 13 years old that was all we did for family vacations (thats all we could afford!) We never felt deprieved though and loved spending 2 weeks out in nature having campfires, going for bike rides, carving things out of wood and sleeping in our teeny tiny tent. In fact, we loved it so much that when my father asked us one year if wed like to go on our first family trip to Hawaii we actually responded by saying, "... we can still go camping though right?" We of course soon discovered how amazing Hawaii was too and have been going there regularly ever since.
My parents eventually traded in the tiny tenting days for a trailer with a bathroom and small kitchen. It took our camping to a whole other level, although we are not one of those families who bring tvs, stereos and other modern conveniences that you see some families using these days. We dont have electricity in the trailer and its by no means in great condition - but its cozy and I love sleeping inside of it when the weather turns bad.

This year I was unable to accompany my family camping for the week since it happens to fall in line with my 36/37 week of pregnancy. The concern wasnt me going into labour either, as where we camp is only about an hour from where we live (benefits of living near the mountains!) It was more so the fact that the beds arent super comfortable and the idea of me stumbling around in the dark every hour or two at night to find the bathroom wouldnt be appealing to the rest of the family. However, I really didnt want to miss out on camping this year so Matt and I decided to drive up just for the day on Saturday. We managed to pack lots of fun into our short 8 hours there. Played some of our favorite camping games, ate smores and other junk food and chatted around the campfire. And have you ever noticed how food always tastes better when eaten outside? It blows my mind how a food that just tastes 'ok' at home somehow tastes amazing when eaten in the great outdoors. The only downside to the day was my heavy belly causing some severe back pain. Pretty sure thats unavoidable at this point though. It was a great day though and we are hoping that if the weather stays good to head up again this coming Saturday.

Matt and I are already looking forward to taking our little guy camping next summer for a week. We have a spacious 5 person tent thats aching to be used aswell as a pretty blue camping stove. Cant wait to see our little guy running around in the dirt!

Heres a few pictures from our day on Saturady.

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  1. NIce! I think we went camping when I was preggers with AIdan. We need to go camping agai!