Friday, 20 May 2011

The overwhelmingness of being prepared for baby

I must admit, I was much more stressed over these kind of things before I went on maternity leave. However, I still find it totally overwhelming to make decisions on what I need to do and purchase before this little guy arrives.
My mother was gracious enough to buy me "What to Expect: Year 1" which has a complete list of what I will need (things I would never have thought of may I add.) Of course after going through this list and highlighting all the essentials it brought one word to mind: CHA-CHING. Praise the Lord I am having two showers next month - that ought to lighten the spending load.

As I mentioned, we have made progress in the past week, mostly due to the help of my mother. Matt and I have been staring at diaper shelves for the past month not knowing where to begin. But my wonderful momma showed up at my place a few days ago with a bag which included some newborn onesies, baby soap and a pack of newborn diapers. Phew, at least we have diapers for the first 3 or 4 days now.

Gracco Trekker Stroller Orbit

She also took me out to Babies R Us today to try out strollers in person and after handling a few I have made my decision! First of all - jogging stroller it is! I have been interested in one from the beginning since I love going for walks in Tynehead and I wanted something that could go on the track across the street from our place. We also have big plans to camp and I want something with decent rubber wheels. So, after trying to manuever a few in the store, the Gracco Trekko Orbit was hands down the winner. This baby is super light, collapses nice and small and can be turned 360 degrees with one finger. Love it.

Matt has also been hard at work on Noahs room. Matt bought a closet organizer and set it up so that we utilize that space more. I mean his clothes are pretty tiny, he doesnt need all that hanging space. Now we have a few additional hanging places aswell as shelves.
We decided to be complicated and not just paint his room one colour. The top 3/4 of the walls are a baby blue and the bottom is white. We also decided to add a white trim all around the border to seperate the colours. Its really starting to look great and I am eager to move all the furniture back into position so I can stare at it dreamily. His bedding is the 'monkey time' theme. We also hope to get the matching curtains and wall appliques to pull the look together. I made the mistake of telling people we were going with a monkey theme room and I now have this fear of him being overwhelmed with monkeys for the rest of his young life. Its NOT a theme... but his bedding pattern haha.          

Monkey Time
Matts parents bought us the first big baby purchase - a beautiful crib. So thankful to them for that. We also have wonderful friends who had a baby in August of last year and have lent us a few essentials items like a Chicco carseat and a baby swing. I am so thankful that we dont have to add that stuff to the list of things we need! These babies are expensive! And yes, I know, this is just the beginning.

I will leave you with a few photos of Matt hard at work in the babies nursery.

First layer of paint for the top

Help from Papa putting on the trim

Trim just needs to be painted

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