Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Beach day

We were a little skeptical as to whether we'd actually get to spend the holiday weekend at the beach since the forecast seemed to change daily from showers to sun, but thankfully it pulled through for us and we got in our first beach day of the season! We chose Crescent for its more low key vibe and tasty gelato and it did not dissapoint. The morning started out a little cold and cloudy but it quickly turned into a warm and sunny day which resulted in many a sunburn (sneaky UV rays!) Matt is sporting a lovely mask of red across his face and my right leg brings back memories of my post cruise burns. Despite our initial plans of only spending a couple hours there we didnt leave until late afternoon. We were with great friends and had tons of food and sunshine... why would we want to leave?

My love and I :)

Lorelai loving the beach

Yeah... my husband is a goof. Thats my sweater.

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