Thursday, 19 May 2011

My sad attempt at blogging...

So this is not the first time I have attempted a blog... or the second. In fact, I think this may be the third or fourth time I have tried to keep up with one of those things. I just always end up feeling like I have nothing of importance to say. But I figure with me being on maternity leave now and waiting for the arrival of our first child I may have a few more things to talk about. Here goes nothing...

A little update on our life right now. We recently bought our first home; a townhouse located in the Surrey area. Matt is working as a mechanical Engineer in Langley and I just went on maternity leave from my job working in Special Education. I am 29 weeks pregnant with our first child - a boy, who we have named Noah Benjamin. I am on leave earlier then originally planned due to our little ones favorite position in which his head is resting on my sciatic nerve. It usually acts up during the night which keeps me from getting very much sleep. Thanks to being off work though, I can sleep when I need to, aswell get off my feet and change positions when he hits the nerve. My Dr. has given me permission to tell people that my child is 'already getting on my nerves.' My doctor is the best :)

I am starting to get pretty anxious for this little guys arrival. I actually get jealous when I hear of other friends who have delievered their babies already. Not because I want Noah to come out before hes ready, but just because I want to be able to see his face and snuggle him! It wouldnt suck to be done being pregnant either... haha. I keep watching these TLC baby shows and I cry EVERY time. A little emotionally charged right now.

At the risk of rambling on about nothing I will wrap it up here.

- Carolyn

PS - A big congrats goes out to Lael and Steve and the arrival of their little boy Jacob last night!!!

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