Saturday, 28 May 2011

Delievery doctors.

I have the most wonderful family Doctor in the world. Seriously. Ive been with him since I was about 12 and trust his judgment on pretty much everything. The sucky thing is that about a year ago he stopped delievering babies in the hospital because he wanted to spend more time with his family. Fair enough and totally understandable, but it kind of makes me wish I had gotten married and started having kids earlier just so he could be my delievery Doctor. And yes, I did try to convince him to deliever another (my) baby 'just one last time.'
A little while back we were going over options for who would deliever our baby and it was basically one of the on shift doctors at the hospital, or he could send me to another doctor that he knew. Thinking it would be nice to see a familiar face at the hospital, Matt and I went to meet this other doctor. She is obviously very qualified and experienced... she has been working as a surgeon for over 25 years! But her bed side manner? Yeah, she didnt have any. She kind of reminded me of Christina Yang from Greys Anatomy; except at least on that show you know she has an emotional side. When I mentioned things my awesome doctor had said about my pregnancy she would respond with, "Yes well, I go by science and facts." Not exactly heart warming stuff. To be honest Im not even sure she really looked me in the eyes for the whole appointment. Her office was also a complete mess and it looked like the garbage hadnt been changed in about a week. After she checked our babies heartbeat with the doppler she handed me a paper towel and told me to wipe myself up. Uh. hello? I havent been able to SEE that area of my body in about a month. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who immediatly came over and helped me. I love him.
After leaving the appointment I was okay as long as I reminded myself that she wasnt my regular doctor and was just going to deliever my baby. But the more I thought about what had happened the more uncomforable I became. So after chatting with my husband, mother and dreaming about what my delievery might be like with her, we've decided to take the on shift doctor at the hospital. I know tons of woman who delievered that way without any problems. Plus, the prospect of going back to see that woman every week or two for the next 10 weeks isnt very appealing!


  1. Can you find yourself a midwife/doula?? Even if they can't be your primary caregiver, they are AWESOME when it comes to the real-life/emotional side of child birth. I've met so many now, and love them all!! To be in that field you must love babies and mamas :) (unlike a doctor, who just has WAY too many focuses, and can't/won't take time generally to connect)

  2. I second the midwife idea. You can have them at the hospital with you. I was there when David and Genevieve had their daughter with a midwife present and it was a very emotionally supportive experience for them.