Sunday, 1 April 2012

Grown up Fairy Tales

I don't often talk about tv shows on my blog, but in this case I just have to share. You share good things with friends right?

There is one TV show this season that has me totally hooked, and that hasn't happened for a long time. The acting is great. The scenery is beautiful (its shot at various locations around Greater Vancouver - but I am kind of bias) and the writing is totally addicting.

Its called Once Upon a Time and it is based on all the classic fairy tales that we loved growing up on, but with a twist. Here's the basic storyline for those who haven't had a chance to enjoy this wonderfully entertaining show.

Meet Mary Margaret.

She's a school teacher in a small town called Storybrooke. At least that's who she thinks she is.
She's actually Snow White.

But she doesn't remember that.

You see, all of Storybrooke is under a curse. A curse that is meant to ruin everyones  'Happily Ever Afters.' It causes them to forget who they really are and makes time stand still. The characters of Fairy Tale Land were sent to the real world by Snow Whites evil Stepmother Queen, also known as Regina, the Mayor of Storybrooke.

Are you still with me?

Regina hates Snow White (for a reason that we only just recently found out.) In Storybrooke, Regina has enjoyed having complete control over everything that happens; including keeping others from being truly happy.

But then someone by the name of Emma Swan arrives in town, and suddenly Regina starts to lose her control over everyone. Hmm... Why could that be?

Another important thing to add is that all of the people in the real world were once fairy tale characters and you are constantly trying to figure out who is who (this may be an appropriate time to add that this show is done by the writers of LOST so you can imagine how good they are at leaving you guessing.)
So far we have met and learnt the true story of Grumpy (from the 7 Dwarfs), Red Riding Hood, The Magic Mirror, The Huntsmen, Prince Charming, The Mad Hatter, and the 'whose side are you really on' Rumpelstiltskin.

I could go on forever but instead will just encourage you to check it out for yourselves. Its got something for everyone, and its good clean family fun. We all know how rare those gems are these days...

Its on Sunday nights. Let me know your thoughts.

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