Friday, 13 April 2012

8 month Noah

Noah will be 8 months old in two days. When I look at pictures and videos of only a week or two back, he already looks totally different. How is that possible? I wanted to document him at this age so this morning I took a bunch of photos of him.

Have I mentioned Noah is a major thumb sucker? He use to love his soother. But when we sleep trained him he replaced it with his thumb. Makes things easier for us, but I hope it'll be a habit we can easily drop when need be.

On another note... we had our first 'pregnancy scare' (if you can call it that.) I was a good week late and actually sent Matt out to get a test because my brain was starting to go crazy. It was negative, and no we arent going for number 2 right now! I found it funny though that I was actually a little bit dissapointed with the result. The timing certainly wouldnt have been ideal, but I think the idea of a new baby is still incredibly exciting and we would have been thrilled if God had blessed us with another child so soon. We've always said that if we get pregnant when we arent trying its not an 'oopsie,' its simply Gods way of saying that His timing is better then ours :)

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