Thursday, 26 April 2012

All is well

I have had a really wonderful past couple of days. I had coffee with some girlfriends, went on a date with my husband, saw a great Nicholas Sparks movie at the theatres and spent lots of time with family. Speaking of Nicholas Sparks... I forgot how much I love his books. I think I may go back and read my favorites again.

Noah seems to be in a really good zone right now which always puts me in a cheerful mood. Pretty sure he went through a growth spurt a few weeks back as he was pretty cranky and all of a sudden barely fits his 9 month attire. He is eating food like crazy, sleeping 10-12 hours straight at night and independently playing great. He is also becoming very mobile and doesn't like to sit still. He can roll from one side of the room to the other and is very good at going from sitting up to crawling position or spinning himself around in any direction. I don't think actually crawling is far away now...

And yes... he knows how to shift this thing to make it move.

Next week I am going in to get 2 of my wisdom teeth removed and I am starting to get pretty nervous about it. I will be under conscience sedation, but I just find dentist visits so nerve wrecking. Please pray that I will manage to stay calm and all will go well.

P.S - Noah has found a new fun facial expression for pictures. I call it his 'goober face.' Here are a few examples.

P.P.S - Sorry they are all phone pictures today. I havent been great at pulling out my nice camera lately. Will try harder :)

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