Thursday, 1 March 2012

Momma wants to fix it!

My poor wee one is sick. He has been sick before but this is the first time that he has been sick with a real fever. He doesn't want to play. He just wants to sit in a loved ones lap. He isn't all that interested in eating (usually a favourite activity) and with just one look at him you can see he is not well.

At 3am last night his fever was a little higher then normal and he just cried in my arms. It breaks my Mommy heart to see him go through it! I would have gladly taken his fever for him and been sick myself. I know this is only the beginning and that he will probably be hurt many times in his life (whether it be physically or emotionally.) But I hate it. And I cant fix it or stop it.

Being a mommy is hard sometimes.

PS - He is going in to the doctor this morning to rule out an ear infection. Please pray he heals up from whatever this bug is so that he will be healthy and happy when he meets Mickey Mouse soon :)

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