Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Disney Day 2.

Wednesday we returned to Disneyland. We started our journey at the opposite side of the park, which happened to be Tomorrowland.

Noah was asleep shortly after walking through the gate, so my mum and I sat with him while the rest of the crew checked out Star Tours. After he woke up we took him onBuzz Lightyear Astro Blasters which he wasn't a fan of really. Too many loud noises!

We opted for a nice quiet ride on the monorail after that.

We also went on Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain and had lunch at the Hungry Bear. On our way out down main street we did some shopping and Matt bought me a Mickey charm for my pandora bracelet. Our timing wasn't great so we didn't get any pictures with characters that day.

Since we had kept Noah up late the night before we decided to take him back while the others enjoyed the evening fireworks.
In the afternoon we took Noah down to the pool for a swim. He has never been in a pool but loves his bath so we figured he'd probably love it. We were right. The minute his little toes touched the water he was splashing and smiling.

He was out cold by 7pm and stayed in bed for 13 hours. Matt and I slept for about 9 of those hours too!
My mother in law has a step counter and was keeping track of how many miles we've walked each day. We did about 10 miles in the first 2 days! That's alot of exercise without even noticing it! Another wonderful bonus of Disney ;)

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