Friday, 23 March 2012

Disney - day 6

Sunday was an awesome Disney day. Probably my favourite of all the days. The weather was sunny but a little on the chilly side, causing all the locals to stay at home and making for very short lines.

First thing we did we get on the Disneyland train and ride it over to ToonTown. It was empty! So empty that the characters were walking around and dancing with small children. Goofy even had time to scare a poor teenage girl by sneaking up behind her while she was getting her picture taken. We walked right on Gadgets Go Coaster and Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin.

From there we hit up Big Thunder Railroad and once again, walked straight on the ride. Dad and I also did Splash Mountain because there was no line up. We had our own log to ourselves! Did I mention it was Spring Break? People must be really scared of 14 degree weather. But like I said, it was sunny, so we didn't care in the slightest.

We enjoyed watched Billy Hill and the Hillbillies while we ate our lunch and then saw a little comedy routine out front after. My dad got pulled from the audience and was forced to be part of it. It was pretty funny.

In the afternoon we saw Mickeys Sensational Parade which was awesome! I have seen many Disney parades in my life but this was probably my favourite. It was classic Disney soundtracks with a band twist. Noah watched the whole thing with his mouth hanging open in awe.

From there Matt and I were on our 'Disney date' for the evening. The grandparents took Noah back and we were able to run around the park to our hearts content. We did a few rides, some shopping and had dinner on the deck overlooking the water at the Hungry Bear. It was wonderful to be stroller free for a little while.

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