Wednesday, 21 March 2012

California Adventure - day 3

Thursday was another beautiful sunny day and we headed across to the other park, California Adventure. This park is less exciting to me because it was only built in the last 20 years or so and just doesnt feel as 'magical.' But it does have a couple of great rides and shows so its worth seeing.

Our favorite ride in the park is Soarin Over California, so we headed there first. Its fun because you really do feel like you are flying over the state and theyve built it so that you can feel the breeze while you go over the ocean and smell the orange groves while you pass them. Pretty incredible!
Then we checked out the new Little Mermaid ride which Noah loved - as did I. The Little Mermaid has one of my favourite soundtracks so I was perfectly happy singing along even when we got stuck for a minute or two.

Noah fell asleep shortly after and napped for an hour and a half in his stroller. We did some shopping, went on California Screamin and had a yummy Greek lunch.

Can you spot our group?

Greek for lunch! So good!

By afternoon it was getting pretty warm so we decided to go on Grizzly River Rapids. Everyone must have had the same idea so the long up was very long but it was alot of fun. I of course happened to be the one who get soaked but dried off pretty quickly in the sunshine.

Posing by the Grizzly River Run rock

Noah got to meet Lightning McQueen, Mater and Pluto in the afternoon and was all smiles for pictures. The last thing everyone did was go to A Bugs Life which is a fun 4D show.

A very happy Noah with Mater from Cars

In the evening the others returned to the park to watch World Of Colour while we stayed behind with a very tired Noah. We didnt want to mess with his schedule too much since he was already napping in his stroller, so we made sure most nights to be back to our hotel by 730.

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