Monday, 6 February 2012

Saturated in fats

I never realized how much unknown fat I was consuming until not being able to eat any.

Two weeks before my gallbladder surgery I was put on a very restrictive diet and told that I could eat zero fat. Thus began the reading of the labels of everything I ate. I know some fats are good, but at this point I wasn't allowed any as it could've potentially triggered another attack. I lived on a diet of soups, certain cereals, steamed fish and boiled chicken. Exciting stuff. I longingly dreamed of ice-cream and brownies.

I am now on day 6 of my life without a gallbladder. Food is a source of struggle for me right now. I am now allowed a 'low fat' diet, approx 40g of fat a day. The first few days I was restricted to soups again and then proceeded to add fruit and a few grains (but still all fat free.) Last night I decided to give flavored oatmeal a try and I suffered for it. So I am going back to fat free and giving my body more time to adjust to being one digestive organ short.

Mainly I'm just venting here, but it
hasn't all been bad. I now weigh the same if not less then I did in high school. Not bad for having a baby less then 6 months ago! In time I should be able to go back to eating whatever I want, but it will take a few months. This whole experience has really made me think about what I put into my body on a daily basis. I didn't eat really bad before, but I definitely consumed fat in regular foods without even realizing it.

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