Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas traditions

Every year on December 24th my dads side of the family gets together to celebrate Christmas. My dad is one of 6 siblings, and 5 of those are boys. This year we decided to celebrate on the 23rd instead as many of the 'kids' now have their own grandkids and wanted to be free to make new traditions (or possibly do that last minute wrapping...) Growing up we always had the festivities at my Grandparents house. Sadly, neither of them are with us any longer - but its nice to still carry on the tradition at my Aunt & Uncles place.

It was also the first time many of the relatives met little Noah.

Checking out the lights with Auntie Josee

Playing with (my) cousin Jason

Me and my Uncle Doug

Another tradition? December 26th my moms side of the family gets together at my parents house. You thought 6 kids was alot? Their are 8 kids on that side of the family... and they all have at least 2 or 3 kids... and most of them now have kids. As you can imagine, thats a big gathering of people. But I love it. I will try to snap some pictures of that reunion too :)

Tonight my immediate family will be coming over for Christmas Eve. We plan to play games, eat appetizers and watch 'The Nativity.' Tomorrow morning we will be at church, remembering the real reason for the season. Then, its home for presents and turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Cannot wait!

Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noel) everyone! Much love from our family to yours!

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