Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I get a life?

Okay I know the title is silly - Ive always had a life. But for the past three and a half months, I havent really had much time to myself or with my husband. That is all starting to change!

The sleep training worked wonders. As I said before, it wasnt easy, but it has been successful. With the exception of the weekend (and that was our fault) Noah has been going to sleep on his own and crying no more then 5 minutes, if at all.

Not only that, but he is going to bed earlier. Originally we kept him up until 830/900pm thinking the later he went to bed, the deeper sleep hed be in. But after doing some reading about sleep training we found out that its actually suggested to put babies to bed between 630-730 so that they enter into a deeper sleep cycle. It totally worked! Hes been doing 4-6 hour stretches between feedings and sleeping more then he did before.

Since he was born I have gone to bed as soon as he goes to bed, because I dont want to miss any of those precious hours of sleep for myself. Now I get several hours in the evening to do whatever and still get a good nights sleep. Plus, hes napping in his crib on average 3 times a day and I get all that time to do whatever too! This is AWESOME!

I guess I now believe everyone know who told me "Dont worry - it'll get better."

I can do this!


  1. 1. He is gorgeous
    2. SO glad that the sleeping is going well! My oldest was similar although we started when he was 4 months so a bit older. My second child, however, was a major monkey in the sleep department:) Each child is so different. I'm appreciating my evenings now!

  2. That's great you're able to get some good sleep AND have a life. Party at Carolyn's house tonight!... :-p