Monday, 31 October 2011

The fun that is Costco.

I know Matt and I arent the only ones who do this... go on Costco dates.

We LOVE Costco. So much so that when we are bored, we go there for fun. Now this is a very dangerous activity to do for fun. You go in planning on picking up one or two things and end up coming out $300 poorer. Matt also enjoys the food from the restaurant. Hot dog and pop for $1.50? Yes please!

The worst (or should I say BEST) time is around Christmas. Usually around August they start bringing in all of their decorations, chocolates, wrapping and toys for the holidays. I love to go and just walk up and down the aisles looking at things. In the past two years we have bought our Christmas tree there, wrapping paper, bows, tags, candles, wreath, garland and a few other decorations. Honestly, I dont know why we shop anywhere else.

Picture from a Christmas at the old place... Most of the decor is bought at Costco.
 This year we have discovered that they also have fantastic stuff for kids. Adorable sleepers, clothes, toys and books. We picked up a 'Baby Einstein' excersaucer for Noah the other day. It was literally half the price of the same one at Babies R Us. We also got him a Christmas book, and it was hard to limit it to just one as there were tons of great ones.

This is the excersaucer we picked up for Noah. Still a little big for it!
 When our membership to Costco expired a few months back, we actually considered not renewing it. Then we realized that would be crazy. We buy everything there! Our meat, shampoo/conditioner, soap, razors, diapers, ect. all comes from Costco. If it wasnt for Costco we would be paying twice as much for alot of things.

Were now thinking of upping our membership. I guess were pretty much addicted.

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  1. We did go to the executive membership and it more than paid for itself. We also like going and the boys like it too (for the snacks!). But yes, dangerous!