Thursday, 16 June 2011

Prenatal rotation and potential awkwardness

Today I went to my hospitals prenatal clinic to familiarize myself with the Doctor rotation that they have for delieveries. I was feeling pretty nervous as the last doctor I had met (go back a few blog entries) previously and I hadnt really hit it off. I went with my mum this time as Matt was working and was really glad to have her support. I was pleasantly surprised on arrival - the receptionist was super friendly and really relaxed me about everything. When I told her how far along I was she even responded with "Wow, you are almost there! Good for you!" Yep, definitely like this woman.

Then an awkward moment. Remember how I mentioned that the Doctor I had met a few weeks back works on the rotation and I may end up running into her at the clinic? Yeah. She was there. She didnt even reconize me and introduced herself to me all over again. It was actually kind of comical. Plus, I decided that it was easier to just laugh about the situation then to stress out. Turns out, she was alot different working here at the hospital then in her private office. First of all, the room was super tidy and clean and I felt completely comfortable being there. She smiled, looked me in the eye, explained how everything was going to work there, expressed concern for my health about my recent diagnosis of anemia and asked me if I had any questions. She still didnt wipe me up after doing the doppler or offer to help me up, but other then that she was actually quite pleasant. Unlike last time when I left feeling concerned and anxious I felt totally confident in the kind of care that I will recieve during labour. Again, she is only one of about 8 doctors on the rotation, and when I go back in two weeks I will mostly likely meet another one. But I did feel that I needed to cut the woman a bit of slack and suggest that maybe when I saw her last time she was just having a bad day? Maybe, maybe not. I may never know.

I also saw my family doctor yesterday and am happy to report he says I am doing "awesome!" He predicts that our little guy is approx. 5 pounds and 19 inches long. My favorite news? He believe that I will be delievering a high 7 low 8 pound baby. PERFECT! I told him how I was concerned about having a huge baby since Matt was so big but he doesnt see that happening at all. He told me that as big as I feel I would be much larger right now if that was the case. He also suggested that maybe I need to be walking with a cain since my sciatic pain has been, well, brutal, this past week. I told him Id rather suck it up then be caught dead walking with one of those at my age. Oh, and I officially hit the 20 pound weight gain mark. YIKES. Its all baby thankfully so I am all good. I apperently still have another 5-10 pounds to spare at this point.

I was going to talk about a few other things but I think this entry is long enough. Ill add some more updates soon :)

32 weeks 4 days

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