Friday, 24 June 2011

34 weeks

Am I really 34 weeks pregnant? Because if thats really true that means this guy could be showing up in anywhere from 3-7 weeks. YIKES. We had our friends Aaron & Candice over for dinner last night and when I mentioned to them that he could be here in 3 weeks Matt thought I was kidding. His face was priceless haha. Once again, some days I feel ready for his arrival, other days not so much.

Unfortunitly the last couple of days have been pretty rough on me and Ive been feeling rather negative. Yesterday I didnt even feel like watching my regular TLC baby shows *gasp* because I didnt want to think about pregnancy and babies. I am trying to figure out if the baby has/or is in the process of dropping or if its just him getting heavier, but I have definitely had some changes in the past few days.
There is suddenly a significant amount of pressure on my hip bones and I feel like I need to go to a chiropractor to get things all pushed back into place. My sciatic pain has gone to a new level and has woken me up several times in the past few nights yelling and causing my husband to nearly fall out of the bed and run around to my side. Oh and I am going to the bathroom on average of 6 times a night. Its unbelievable how quickly the urge to pee comes on. I will be sitting on the couch watching tv and all of a sudden I have to go NOW. Problem is, there is no washroom on my main level and I have to waddle as fast as I can either up or down the stairs (theres a funny image eh?) Matt seems to find this pretty comical and adds his helpful "dont pee yourself" comments which only make me laugh and makes it even harder to hold it in.
My energy levels are still pretty low, but I think thats just my new reality. Grocery shopping yesterday somehow felt like I was running a marathon. Thats just not right! I feel so out of shape and cant wait to go out and get some excercise again. Thankfully I have a wonderful supportive husband who actually instructs me to 'not do anything' on a daily basis - not that I listen. But Ive got the best husband in the world :)

Tomorrow I have another baby shower which is being thrown by my church friends. Pretty excited about it! After that Ill do an entry on both my showers and post some pictures.
In the meantime, heres a belly shot I took this morning. Does my belly look lower to anyone?

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