Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Over it.

Okay, I've officially reached that point. That fun time where I am so over being pregnant!

It's not that I am in horrible pain or swelling up or anything like that. Thankfully, I am actually fairly comfortable despite my size. But I now feel as though this baby should come or else I'd just like to forget that I am pregnant all together.

It'd be nice if I could distract myself from the fact, but how is one suppose to do that when one has to pee every 20 minutes and can't walk for more then 15 minutes without looking progressively more and more like a penguin?

My son is getting seriously annoyed with my incapabilities now too. He can no longer sit front facing on my lap for a story, cause 'Bubba' is in the way. Lifting him up to the change table or the stairs makes me feel like my second child could slip right out, so I avoid doing that at all costs. And mommy just can't get low enough on the ground to play with him anymore as he'd like. I'm sorry goob! At least he still sees me as just mommy and not some pregnant lady.

And speaking of, that takes me to my newest annoyance. The conversation I have with everyone I run into each day at various activities. "So, how much longer? You look like you're ready to pop! You are looking great! What are you having?" Etc. etc. Even a small child at Target yesterday pointed to me and informed his mommy that there was a baby in my belly. I know these comments are far from offensive and are being said in well meaning, encouraging ways. And up until recently I quite happily engaged in the conversation and enjoyed it! But now I'm bored by it and to be honest, I don't really want to talk about it. It just reminds me that I'm still pregnant.

I guess I'm just being a hormonal grump right now, and I've already apologized to my husband for it. But it's just how I feel. I am very grateful to be carrying a healthy baby, don't get me wrong. But can he just come out now so we can enjoy him and get on with our lives?

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