Saturday, 4 May 2013

Full Term (baby!)

Before I say anything else I've gotta say this. How awesome is the weather this weekend in the lower mainland!? It's currently sitting at around 25 degrees and we are all in shorts and t-shirts around here. We've been sipping smoothies, enjoying the fresh air and looking at the beautiful mountains off in the distance. I love our city!

My first born enjoying the great outdoors
Okay, back to pregnancy stuff. I am 37 weeks pregnant which means I am officially full term! The end is in sight! That being said, I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that. It's odd, because everyone else seems more excited about that fact then I am. I'm very happy to be full term and I realise that means that baby could show up anytime now in the coming weeks, but at this present moment that doesn't make me overly anxious or eager.

I remember being at this point not quite two years ago and being so impatient about our first borns arrival. I felt like I was going crazy waiting for the contractions to start or for something to happen. I was frustrated with the state my body was in and I was nervous about what labour exactly was going
to be like.

37 weeks pregnancy with Noah
It's different this time around. If were to go into labour tonight that'd be fine, I'm not looking forward to it but I'm also not frightened. If it wasn't for another two weeks I feel like I'd be fine with that too. Maybe it's a second child thing? I'm not in a hurry to disrupt the nice little family balance we have going right now, but when it does happen I'm sure that'll be fine too. I guess you could say I am feeling pretty complacent about the whole thing.

I can say this though, I am definitely looking forward to kissing pregnancy goodbye for a few years. I think it's pretty common knowledge to those who know us that we don't plan to stop at just two children. We definitely want to have at least one more, possibly two, if God blesses us in that way. But my body needs a break. Two pregnancies within two years is really hard, and I'd just like to enjoy having my body back for a bit before I do this again. Right now we say we'd like to wait until this coming guy is close to two before we venture down this round again, but we'll see what happens. We tend to get baby fever pretty easily (and I am not just speaking for myself!)

37 weeks pregnant with #2- sorry for the crappy cell phone picture
So, a little week 37 pregnancy rundown.
Energy wise I feel pretty good. I am still taking 20 ml of Floradix a day and I am pretty sure that's why I feel as good as I do. I had full blood work done on Thursday and I am finally not anaemic. Yippee! It's borderline though, so I can't stop with the liquid iron. I have been napping daily for about 20 minutes while Noah does and that gives me a little extra zap to last through the day. Blood pressure and babies heart beat have been continually good at my checkups and my weight gain seems to have plateaued right around 18 pounds. This coming Thursday my doctor plans to check me for, shall we say, progress, and If I am dilated enough she will do a sweep. The only discomfort I am experiencing is the constant backaches and pelvic pressure. Nothing a warm soak in the tub every evening or a back massage from my hubby can't fix. I'm also pleased that I haven't puffed up at all. I was about 10 pounds heavier to start with in my previous pregnancy and I think that's really made a difference as to how I look and feel about myself. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get back into my comfy summer clothes!

Well, that's all I've got for now folks. Time for this momma to go back to the couch and put her feet up for a few minutes before heading out to a BBQ. To all my local people - enjoy this gorgeous weather! And to all those who aren't quite as fortunate at the moment, feel free to come visit ;)


  1. You look amazing! Enjoy this time with your little guy. I have 4 children, spaced about 2 years apart. I planned this spacing and I love it. You'll have a unique and special relationship with each of your children, but none of them will have the same one on one time that your first had.

  2. You are seriously the cutest pregnant girl!