Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I have a 6 week old!?

I can't believe Noah is already 6 weeks old. Time really does fly! As most of you know, I was on early Maternity leave due to sciatic pain. My days just dragged by at home by myself. Now I find my days and weeks go by so fast! It's crazy.

Noah had his 6 week checkup yesterday and he is doing great. He weighs exactly 12 pounds. My doctor kept saying, "I can't believe you had a baby that big!" When I commented that maybe my next one would be smaller, he laughed and said I was probably made to have big babies. Ah well. Noah is currently the size of a 2.5 month old and is at the top of the percentile chart in all categories. May I just add that he is not at all 'over weight' though. He's not even chubby. He is perfectly matched in height, weight and head size. The doctor predicts he is just going to be a tall kid. Guess we won't have to worry about him getting beat up on the playground one day! Noah does have a belly button infection that we have to clear up though; most likely due to the fact that his umbilical cord came off so early. We just have to clean it with rubbing alcohol for the next few days and it should clear up just fine. Two weeks from now we go back to see the doctor for him to get his 2 month shots (little bit dreading that! I hate it when he cries!)

Oh! Milestone! Noah has started sleeping better hours at night! For the past 5 days now he has been sleeping in 4-6 hour blocks at night. Two nights ago he only woke up ONCE to feed! It was amazing. I felt like a new woman haha. So now he sleeps an hour in the morning, 2.5-3 hours in the afternoon, and is the. Done for the day around 730. I actually feel like I have somewhat of a life again. So great.

This afternoon I've got a few friends coming over with their little ones for a visit. Very much looking forward to it! It's so nice to chat with other mums! P,us, these will probably be the kids Noah hangs out with as he gets older.

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